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projects Supported 2017-18

Although we are not able to run a facility of our own at the current time, we have been busy supporting other charities and animal welfare groups, many of whom we have had working relationships for some time. Here’s details of what we’ve done up to February 2018

Supporting Wildlife

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital - Sidlesham, West Sussex:

During November and December, we transported a wide range of equipment down to Brent Lodge, which we gave them as a donation. This included a heated operating table, various incubators and cages, a large quantity of veterinary medical supplies and equipment, wildlife food, rescue equipment, fundraising and office equipment and a small Ford Fiesta van which we had used as an animal ambulance. Much of this will be used in their new hospital building, which they are looking to develop in the very near future. The total value of the items donated is well in excess of £5000.

I first met their Founder, Dennis Fentner (now retired) over 15 years ago and the two organisations have remained in touch ever since. We are especially grateful for the times when they have helped us with seabirds and gulls and also for taking and pairing one of our badger cubs a couple of years ago. We are also grateful for them agreeing to take our resident albino squirrel, Crystal, and we have made a contribution of £250 towards her on-going care.


Fox projectFox Project

I first met Trevor Williams, Founder of the The Fox Project, back in 1994 and have been delighted to be able to work alongside his organisation ever since. We have admitted dozens, if not hundreds, of foxes and fox cubs over the years, which their rescuers have been called to in and around our area, and have often benefitted from their advice when people have contacted us regarding the humane deterrence of nuisance or problem foxes.

With our facility now gone, it is likely that some of the cubs that may have come to us will now end up with The Fox Project. Therefore, we have made a donation of £2100 to fund the purchase of three additional release pens for them. The Fox Project remains the foremost organisation in the UK concerned with welfare and advocacy for the much maligned red fox and it is our pleasure to be able to help them with their fantastic work.


RNS Urban SquirrelsRNS Urban Squirrels

This is a fairly new, small, home-based squirrel rescue, working in and around Roehampton. Natalia is licensed by Natural England to keep and release a small number of grey squirrels and, as this is something that we specialised in, we very much wanted to offer some help.

We have made a grant of £500 which will fund the purchase of two new release pens and will look to see what else we may be able to do, further on in the year. We are well aware that we dealt with far more squirrels than almost any other wildlife centre in the UK and that the loss of our facility will have a huge impact as not every other centre will be able or inclined to go through the licensing process. As such, we are committed to helping wherever we can with the rescue and rehabilitation of grey squirrels in South London and surrounding areas.


forget-me-not wildlife rescueForget-me-not Wildlife Rescue

Run by Liz, a former member of the Riverside team, Forget-me-not is a small, home-based group who endeavour to help with birds and small mammals wherever they can. In addition, they will act as first responders for fox and water-bird rescues, until groups such as Fox project or swan sanctuary can take over.

We have donated incubators and equipment to Forget-me not worth over £1000 and have made a £500 fund available at our own former vets (Parkside of Carshalton) which they can draw on as they need. We will also be looking to fund a squirrel release pen and further veterinary costs for them as well as donating another two incubators worth £900 in the very near future.



Supporting Pets

We have made three grants, each of £2000, to the organisations listed below. The money for these grants has been drawn specifically from a bequest made by my late mother, Pauline, who many of our members and supporters will remember from our Open Days, where she ran the Tea Stall for many years. My mum was a life-long cat lover and was a big supporter of our move into pet welfare, alongside our wildlife work, back in 2010. I know that she would be delighted that we have used some of her legacy in this way and these donations are made in her memory.

Furry friends grantFurry Friends Animal Rescue

Emma first started Furry Friends around 15 years ago and has been well known to us throughout. her home based rescue concentrates on looking after some of the more challenging dogs that end up in rescue, including some that are unclaimed strays from croydon Council. Having provided the Out of Hours stray dog service for Croydon Council between 2012 and 2016, we will have encountered some of these dogs and are delighted to support Emma in caring for them.

Emma also looks after many unwanted rabbits and other ‘small furries’ and will be using much of the grant we have made to upgrade her rescue rabbit accommodation. We offered a rabbit rescue service ourselves for a couple of years before our space requirement for the cats and dogs we were dealing with meant it was no longer possible but we fully appreciate what an overlooked and much needed area of animal welfare this is. We wish Emma every success.


Stepping stones cat rescureStepping Stones Cat Rescue

Ros at Stepping Stones has helped hundreds of cats and kittens from across South West London in the last few years and her workload will undoubtedly increase now that our Riverside Animal Centre facility has closed. We often used to help Ros out when we were open with donations of food and bedding and anything else we thought might be useful and our former Centre manager, Heidi, would liaise with Ros over any cat issues and incidents where we needed to put our heads together.

We are very pleased to be able to offer Ros some support and understand that the majority of the grant we have made will be used to fund veterinary care and treatment of the cats in her care.

Website: None at present - Stepping Stone Rescue is on Facebook

Feline Welfare isle of Wight

As many of our long term supporters know, Jan (then partner, now wife!) and I moved to the isle of Wight some 18 months ago and this was something that my mum was very pleased about. Unfortunately she became ill with cancer before she could ever visit my new home but she would be delighted that a small part of her money is now funding cat rescue where i live.

I have personally given some support to both pet and wildlife charities here on the island and have become aware of the scale of the feral cat problems that often remain hidden from everyday view. Nikki at Feline Welfare is especially pro-active in tackling the needs of the feral cat colonies and has devoted thousands of hours and substantial funds to trapping, neutering and the provision of veterinary care. Having been involved in the same sort of work in some of the more deprived areas of South London, back in the early 90’s, before my involvement in wildlife rescue, I know the value of this work only too well and am delighted to have been able to support Nikki with the grant from our Trust.


This section was updated at 13th February 2017.