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Ted Burdena message from the founder


Further to our move from our former site at Beddington Park (see History below), we have been working to establish a specialist wildlife rescue service that will work alongside other major wildlife care providers and statutory agencies in the event of major incidents and disasters. Typically, these will include widespread pollution incidents, major disease outbreaks and and problems caused by severe weather or other natural phenomena. This is not a capability that exists in the UK and, when major incidents arise, often local resources are completely overwhelmed. Our very beginnings were in creating one of the best and most structured rescue services to be found amongst independent wildlife rehabbers and our current team, tasked with taking this work forward, includes volunteers with a wide range of relevant experience gained in the police, fire and ambulance services, including water rescue and HART capabilities, as well as in large scale wildlife rehabilitation and veterinary medicine.

We have acquired the freehold of a logistics depot in the South of England where we now have two sea-going boats, two inland craft, four vehicles and a variety of search and rescue equipment, including field hospital, generators, water carrying equipment and a UAV for aerial search work. The core team are undergoing a variety of training courses and exercises so that we are fully able to work in all environments alongside statutory agencies and responders that may well be in charge of such scenes. We are also working on creating a small wildlife care unit with an emphasis on waterfowl/seabird decontamination with underground waste water storage tanks so as to comply with all relevant legislation. Some local rescue work has already been undertaken but it is intended that the service will be fully on-line as of early to mid 2019, whereafter local volunteer teams will then be trained and recruited so as to boost our response times and area coverage along the southern counties of England and beyond. Although aimed primarily at wildlife, we are also looking at ways in which our resources could assist in helping domestic pets and their owners, with widespread flooding leading to evacuations being one of the most probable scenarios. Again, training and capability assessment is being done to further this aspect of our work and we intend to be able to offer this service also in 2019.

This is an exciting new project and we have already seen numerous examples of how and where our resources could have been deployed to great effect, had they already been in existence. We will update this page again early in 2019, once we have more news to share. Until then, we repeat that we are not currently soliciting any donations from the public as we are undertaking this work using our residual funds. Thank you for your interest in our work.


London Wildcare operated a major wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre from its HQ in Wallington, between 1997 and 2016, providing care for over 60,000 sick, injured or orphaned wild animals during that time. For the last five years at our HQ site we also provided rescue and welfare services for stray dogs and cats, rehoming hundreds of pets and re-uniting over 1500 lost dogs with their owners on behalf of three London Borough Councils.

During the mid 00's we also ran an Ecology Centre on Wandsworth Common, where we provided curriculum based nature study sessions for hundreds of school children more used to the urban environment and a Field Centre at Walpole Park, Ealing, where our small selection of resident wild animals provided an educational encounter for local families.

We remain very proud of the work done by all our staff and volunteers over that twenty year period and of the contribution we made towards the care and welfare of London's wild animals. We also remain extremely grateful to all the organisations and individuals who gave so generously to help us make it all happen and who were there for us on the many occasions when our aims and aspirations looked almost unachievable.

There are still animals out there, alive in the wild or living in loving homes, who are only there because of the work we did, just as there are thousands of people, young and old, who through our work, now have a greater love and respect for animals of all species. That is a truly amazing legacy to leave behind and to all those who were a part of it, we can never thank you enough.

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Ted Burden, Founder, for and on behalf of the Trustees of London Wildcare.
14th August 2018